Supreme Da Yu Mountain Oolong (極品大禹嶺烏龍)

Supreme Da Yu Mountain Oolong (極品大禹嶺烏龍)

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Supreme Dayuling Oolong tea is a premium grade oolong tea which grows higher than 2000 m sea level at Dayuling in Taiwan. Tea plantation in high altitude leads tea leaves growing slowly and developing smoother and richer flavor.  

【Tea Varieties】Oolong Tea 

【Altitude】2000 ~ 2400 meters 

【Tea Soup】Golden and clear 

【Taste Features】Sweet, rich in floral and fruity aroma 

【Efficacy】Refreshing, meditation, anti-aging, de-stressing, energy boost and focus 


【Storage】Suggest refrigerator storage, or stored in cool, dry condition away from direct sunlight.