K-100 Tieguanyin (K100特官正春觀音)

K-100 Tieguanyin (K100特官正春觀音)

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K100 means K for Tieguanyin, 1 for Fujian, 0 for spring tea and 0 for premium quality. K-100 Tieguanyin is heavy roasted, this enhances the tea a subtle extra freshness aroma, a long lasting finish and velvety texture. Shape of the tea leaves are curly and strong knots.

【Tea Varieties】Oolong Tea

【Level of Roast】Medium

【Tea Soup】Reddish yellow

【Taste Features】Fragrant and fresh aroma

【Efficacy】Good for skin health and anti-aging like preventing wrinkles, burn fat, calming and refreshing

【Origin】Fujian Province, China

【Storage】Stored in cool, dry condition away from direct sunlight