Kung Fu Master Tieguanyin (正岩特種茶王)

Kung Fu Master Tieguanyin (正岩特種茶王)

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"Kung Fu Cha" is a traditional Chinese tea ceremony (similar to the Japanese). Most of the time, "Kung Fu Cha" brews with Superior Tieguanyin "Kung Fu" Style. The tea is heavy roasted, it gives the tea sweetness aftertaste and very strong mellow. The sweet aftertaste will linger in your mouth after a few sips. Good for multiple infusions.

【Tea Varieties】Oolong Tea

【Level of Roast】Heavy

【Tea Soup】Reddish yellow

【Taste Features】Mellow and rich flavor, strong back sweetness

【Benefit】Good for skin health and anti-aging like preventing wrinkles, burn fat, calming and refreshing

【Origin】Fujian Province, China