Palace Aged Pu-erh (宮廷普洱)

Palace Aged Pu-erh (宮廷普洱)

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Palace Pu Erh Tea is in the black tea category, selected over 20 years fine Pu Erh young bud in Yunnan Province to produce. Pu Erh tea is naturally aged and late fermented. The fermentation process occurs naturally through years of storing subject to the right climatic conditions. It is smooth and mellow with a particular flavor which cannot be found in other types of teas.

【Tea Varieties】Pu Erh Tea (~20 years old)

【Tea Soup】Dark brown 

【Taste Features】Smooth and mellow 

【Efficacy】Pu Erh tea can help to prevent cholesterol and body fats, relieve drunkenness and improve metabolism.

【Origin】Yunnan Province, China

【Storage】Stored in cool, dry condition away from direct sunlight