Piao I Tea Pot (台灣飄逸杯)
Piao I Tea Pot (台灣飄逸杯)

Piao I Tea Pot (台灣飄逸杯)

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Our Piao I Teapot is from the original design factory from Taiwan, this is the most convenience teapot to use at home or office.

  • Inner Cup: 215ml (7oz) , PC(Polycarbonate)
  • Outer Cup: 500ml (17oz), outer cup glass with fixed black handle
  • Size: 15cm (H), 7.5cm (dia.)

■All plastic materials are food grade PC (Polycarbonate) with temperature resistance up to +130℃ (+266℉) the same materials used to make baby bottles.
■Glass used is of direct fired beaker glass with 150℃ (302℉) transient temperature difference resistance.
■All metal parts (including filtering mesh, water stopping steel ball, steel band and handle fixing steel stripe) are made of SUS316 acid and alkali resistant Stainless Steel.