Roselle (洛神花)

Roselle (洛神花)

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Its bright red appearance and the naturally sour smell, with the color of its taste of acid, hence its name Roselle. Caffeine free.

【Tea Varieties】Flora Tea

【Taste Features】It tastes a little tart, like a mild cranberry.

【Efficacy】Rosella has a citric acid, it has impressive antioxidant properties which can lower cholesterol and refreshing effect.

【Health Advice】Please adjust the amount of floral teas according to your health condition. Moderate intake of floral teas is healthy for most people. Drinking too much could lead to negative side effects. Make sure to consult a doctor before using floral teas if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding or taking any medicine.


【Storage】Suggest refrigerator storage, or stored in cool, dry condition away from direct sunlight.