Silver Tip Jasmine Tea (銀亳香片)

Silver Tip Jasmine Tea (銀亳香片)

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The fine and delicate green tea leaves combine with the best qualities jasmine flowers. This tea is naturally scented with fresh jasmine flowers over 7 consecutive nights which offers a fully intense and long-lasting taste of jasmine aroma. It tastes like a concentrated nectar of sweetness with a delightful scent of jasmine that lingers over the month. This is definitely a palate pleaser.

【Tea Varieties】Floral Tea (Jasmine Tea)

【Tea Soup】Light amber, clear and bright

【Taste Features】Strong jasmine smell, nectar of sweetness

【Efficacy】Antioxidant, burn fat, calming and boost metabolism

【Origin】Fujian Province, China

【Storage】Stored in cool, dry condition away from direct sunlight