Tai Chi Jasmine Tea (太極香片)
Tai Chi Jasmine Tea (太極香片)

Tai Chi Jasmine Tea (太極香片)

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The rolled Jasmine Pearls are dried and is hand rolled young Chinese green tea leaves, generally from Fujian Province and blended with unopened night-blooming jasmine flowers. Over the course of a night, the flowers open and release their aroma into the tea, flavoring it and giving it the heady scent associated with the tea. This lovely Jasmine Pearl also known as "Dragon ball" by it shape.

【Tea Varieties】Floral Tea (Jasmine Tea)

【Tea Soup】Orange yellow

【Taste Features】Delicate green tea with a light, floral, refreshing without bitterness and strong natural jasmine taste 

【Efficacy】Antioxidant, burn fat, calming and boost metabolism

【Origin】Fujian Province, China

【Storage】Stored in cool, dry condition away from direct sunlight