2023 Ming Qian Meijiawu Dragon Well (龍井)

2023 Ming Qian Meijiawu Dragon Well (龍井)

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Ming Chin Meijiawu Dragon Well is considered one of the best series of green tea. The harvest period is only ten days, starting from around before Qing Ming Festival. When the young fresh buds are at their best quality.

After brewed, it has a delicate color, which ranges from almost clear to gold, to shimmering transparent greens and having a heavy and mellow taste with sweet and aroma aftertaste. “Color green, fragrant, tasty and Good Shape" was found.

【Tea Varieties】Green Tea (Lung Ching) 

【Tea Soup】Clear and Jade-green 

【Origin】Zhejiang Province, China 

【How to Brew】The most appropriate water temperature should be in 85 degrees for brewing. If using the boiling water, the tea will be "burned" and will make the tea bitter in the first brew and tasteless in the second and the third brew