Oriental Beauty (東方美人)

Oriental Beauty (東方美人)

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Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is also known as Eastern Beauty, Bai Hao, Silver Tip Oolong or Champagne oolong. It is one of the most famous oolongs from Taiwan. 

Said to be named by English Queen, Queen Elizabeth II. She loved its beautiful tea leaves and unforgettable taste and give the tea its name Oriental Beauty Tea.

The ultimate key of its distinctive flavor is that the buds are bitten by the jacobiasca formosana (one kind of insect live in tea farms). It enhances the oolong natural unique sweetness.

【Tea Varieties】Taiwan Red Tea (Red Oolong)

【Altitude】300-400 meters

【Tea Soup】Golden and bright 

【Taste Features】Unique sweet taste, fruit taste

【Efficacy】Refreshing, anti-aging, de-stressing, energy boost and focus


【Storage】Suggest refrigerator storage, or stored in cool, dry condition away from direct sunlight.